Where Every Glow Tells a Story.

Embark on a journey to enhanced well-being with our comprehensive range of wellness and aesthetic services. From personalized weight loss programs to rejuvenating Botox treatments, tailored Men’s Health solutions, and luxurious dermal fillers – our dedicated team is here to curate a refined experience just for you. Step into a world where beauty and wellness intertwine, and let Beauty Refined be your sanctuary of self-care and revitalization.


Every Glow Tells a Story

At Beauty Refined, we believe in the power of transformation and self-care. Established with a passion for enhancing natural beauty and promoting overall well-being, our medspa is dedicated to providing personalized and innovative services.

Our team is committed to curating a tailored experience for each client. From advanced weight loss programs to rejuvenating Botox treatments, specialized Men’s Health solutions, and the latest in dermal fillers, we combine expertise with a deep understanding of individual needs.

Discover the intersection of beauty and wellness at Beauty Refined – where your transformation begins.

Men's Health


Specifically crafted to address the unique health needs of men. As a key hormone, testosterone plays a crucial role in various aspects of male health, including energy levels, muscle mass, mood, and overall vitality.

At Beauty Refined, we are dedicated to providing personalized Testosterone solutions tailored to each individual. Through comprehensive assessments and cutting-edge treatments, we aim to optimize testosterone levels and promote overall men’s health. Rediscover your peak performance, energy, and well-being with our Men’s Health Services at Beauty Refined.


I had an awesome experience! Amber was so sweet and very knowledgeable. This was my first experience having any type of cosmetic procedure done and I had lip fillers placed. I feel like I was well prepared for what to expect during my post op period. The consultation was also great and I learned a lot. I will definitely return for more services. I highly recommend Beauty Refined. You won’t be disappointed.

Sarah Allen


7067 Narcoossee Rd, Ste B, Loft #18, Orlando, FL 32822

Call or Text 773-207-8807


7067 Narcoossee Rd, Ste B, Loft #18, Orlando, FL 32822

Call or Text 773-207-8807